Parent Opportunities for Student Success

At Clyde L. Fischer Middle School, we know parents are pivotal to the academic and personal success of their children. We are entrusted with educating your child and fulfilling one part of your child's preparation. By working as team, we can make sure your child is prepared for the future. The simplest way parents can participate is by conversing with their student about how their day went, asking to see their homework and reviewing their finished work.

In addition, we request that parents of Fischer students volunteer a minimum of 30 hours during the 2018-2019 school year. This is the equivalent of attending a 1 hour meeting a month. The only requirement is for parents to sign-in the office and wear a visitor's pass. Be part of your child's education and the Fischer family.

Some of the opportunities Fischer provides include:


Off Campus

School Site Council

Chaperone Field trips

SPARC (Superintendent's Parent Advisory Committee)

Alum Rock School Board Meetings

Parent/Teacher Association

Get to know your students friends

District Committee Meetings

Participate in Sport Events

On Campus

In the Classroom

Yard Duty

Observe your child's classes

Beautification Days

Help Clean



Recycling Program

Chaperone Dances

Become a Mentor

Ask your teacher how you can help

Learning Opportunities


Back to School Night

Provide written or verbal translation

Award Night

Review the Fischer website

Science Fair

Organize Events

Parent Night

Create Newsletter


Community Building Nights

Science Fair

Visit with Teachers


Parent participation is not limited to this list. We welcome ideas. If you have a particular skill/talent you would like to share with Fischer students, please contact the Fischer principal, academic dean or community liaison.


  • Weekly newsletters are published with activities and information about our school.
  • Automated phone calls using our Parent Link telephone calling system is used for major informational events. (Keep your phone number current with the office)
  • Our school marquee and special fliers are used for events and activity updates.
  • Information is in both English and Spanish.
  • Student Agendas provide vital information to parents concerning their child's academic day. Teachers and parents have the opportunity to engage in written exchanges.


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