Tardy Policy

Tardiness is defined as:

  1. Any student arriving after 8:30 AM to class needs to get a pass from the front office.

  2. Any student who is tardy by more than 30 minutes will be regarded as absent for the period and must present a re-admit from the Front Office the following day.

The following tardy policy will be implemented for Unexcused Tardies as follows:

  1. First Three Tardies: The teacher warns the student of the consequences of arriving late to class and logs the date of tardies. 

  2. Fourth Tardy and Every Tardy Thereafter: Student will receive a tardy referral and will be assigned a 1 hour detention by the office; The student will receive a copy of the tardy referral with the detention date, time and location.

If tardies continue to be an issue other additional actions may be taken such as: Saturday school, attendance meeting with an administrator, tardy contract and/or school related activities may be taken away, refer to Student Services department for School Attendance Review Board hearing.