School Programs

Our staff is excited and ready to support the students and parents throughout the new school year. As part of the New Tech Network, Fischer Middle School uses Project Based Learning and advanced technology to expose students to the key elements of Business and Communications to prepare and inspire students to become innovative and collaborative entrepreneurs. 

Core Components: 

  • Business & Communications 

    As a Business and Communications school, Fischer students explore financial literacy and entrepreneurship through Project Based Learning and advanced technology that exposes students to the key elements of Business and Communications. Fischer students will become prepared and inspired to become innovative and collaborative entrepreneurs. We are looking forward to building well rounded students who develop deep critical thinking, collaboration, cooperation, and creativity skills as they engage in unique rigorous learning opportunities.  

  • Project Based Learning (PBL)

    PBL is a sequential process of teaching and learning that is motivated through an event, where it is determined that a problem must be addressed, and that a specific project must be developed and presented in response to the problem.

    In addition, students learn through a specific, methodical, research-based learning experience, in which they build their knowledge through research, experience, collaboration and creativity. PBL provides authentic learning experiences to develop problem solvers of the future! Collaboration and communication drive student inquiry. Students’ research and scaffold their learning which results in higher level thinking that allows them to make authentic connections to their findings.

  • New Tech Network (NTN)

    As part of the New Tech Network (NTN), Fischer regularly engages in a continuous cycle of professional development as it collaborates with over 200 NTN schools. Fischer staff and students utilize integrated technology to redefine teaching and learning, and to target learning outcomes in knowledge & thinking, written & oral communication, agency, and collaboration. Fischer staff is on a continuous professional development path in utilizing the latest and most useful educational applications.

  • Verizon Innovative Learning School (VILS)

    In partnering with Verizon and Digital Promise, Fischer boasts a 1:1 iPad grant that equips every student with an iPad for school and home use. Each device has a data package at no charge to families, and each device comes with a filter that tracks appropriate use and supports digital citizenship.

    As recipients of the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools (VILS) grant, Fischer prepares our teachers for success through professional      developments that supports teachers in using the most current  21st century educational applications in learning.